A long experience in financial services and foreign exchange

Created in Nice in 1955, BNC SA was originally the Banque Niçoise de Crédit, a credit institution for local clients, companies and individuals.

The activity of Banking was sold in 1994, BNC SA refocusing its activity on foreign exchange and gold transactions.

A manual exchange specialist

BNC SA quickly expanded its presence in the French West Indies (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin) and French Guyana.

A payment institution approved by the Prudential and Resolution Control Authority

The ordinance n ° 2009-866 of 15 July 2009 about payment services transposed into French law the measures of the European Directive 2007/64 / EC on payment services.

BNC SA immediately implemented these measures and was thus approved as a payment institution by the Prudential and Resolution Control Authority. This approval now allows us to implement a money transfer service. First, the company developed this activity in the French West Indies and French Guyana, proposing in particular the transfer of money to Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Brazil. BNC SA then extended its money transfer activity in the Indian Ocean (Reunion, Mayotte, Madagascar, Comoros …).

The BNC Group today :